Feasibility Study - Invention Licensing Agent
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Feasibility Study

You may have come up with an interesting idea or product, but is it marketable?

We have a unique and proven process to determine the marketability of an invention. Evaluation and feasibility studies are a vital step in qualifying the potential of a product to be licensed to a manufacturer. The study will measure your invention’s particular qualities and marketability by industry experts, and qualified manufacturers and distributors. Their feedback is instrumental in determining the viability and probable success of your invention.

How does your invention measure up in the current market?

Are there competitive or similar products? Is it something that is needed by the consumer? The study will assess the invention by using industry standard evaluations of the product’s attributes, mass appeal, and potential commercial value.

The Next Step…

A report will be provided to you based on the study and comments from industry experts. At this point, we will discuss the results and help you decide the best way to move forward with your invention. Ultimately, the decision is yours, and the evaluation will give you some clear and unbiased information that is very valuable and may save you time and money.