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Why Incognito?

  • We do not compete in the high volume patent brokerage or invention marketing space
  • We do the time consuming due diligence work that most others do not want to do
  • We are unable to effectively manage a large volume of submissions
  • We are selective for your benefit

What most others may not tell you:

Due-Diligence is the research required to determine conclusions about the market potential for your product. This can be achieved even before you spend money on a patent. You can protect your idea with a simple provision patent application for a small fee. That gives you 1 year to test and refine the idea and assess the market potential.

After all, an idea is just that until somebody proves that the invention actually works, that it has value and that people will buy it. When contacting us please indicate whether you are in concept, working prototype, patent pending or patent awarded stage.

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