About - Invention Licensing Agent
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Why Should You Work With Us?


A license is a contractual business relationship between a seller (licensor) who authorizes a buyer (licensee) to use his or her patent, trademark, copyright, and /or any form of “intellectual property” in exchange for compensation (royalty).

Licensing frees you to dream up more concepts. Licensing to an established corporation provides numerous advantages to the inventor, including access to the corporation’s existing ability to manufacture the new product, means of distribution, established customer base, advertising experience, immediate penetration of domestic and foreign markets and name recognition of the company.

You do not need to have money to make money from your invention. You can successfully forge your invention into a royalty-producing product without going into business for yourself. Manufacturers pay billions of dollars each year in royalties and licensing fees to people who supply them with profitable product ideas.

Invention Licensing Agent, in addition to the established relationships with licensees, manufacturers and distributors, is a strategic partner with a number of DRTV distributors and a global alliance of major DRTV operators in the world that develop and share products through the network. Currently, the Alliance includes members from U.S.A., Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Japan, China, Mexico, and Canada.

Our corporate clients are receptive and eager to receive our newly selected inventions for their consideration and because they know us to be consummate professionals, skilled in our presentations, honest and fair negotiators. They also expect us to be very selective, so as not to waste their time with unqualified or unsuitable products. Our clients are confident that we understand their needs and their respective markets.