Invention Licensing Agent
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Crowdfunding Consultant

We can help you raise funds for your new startup


We can license your product for you quickly and effectively

Feasibility Study

Provide valuable feedback on feasibilty of new idea in current market


Unlike others in this industry we put market research ahead of patenting and marketing.

Our cost-effective Market Research Report provides an inventor invaluable feedback and advice and/or interest in the product from industry experts, distributors and retail buyers. This information can be used to make changes or refinements to the product that could improve and better your chances of success.

Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on a raw untested idea, the alternative and inexpensive non-provisional patent application and/or trademark protection will allow you to use “Patent Pending” during development, refinement and market research stage.

Contact Invention Licensing Agent First!

STARTING YOUR OWN BUSINESS – manufacture and/or distribute by yourself.

Been there, done that and we can certainly help you do it too!

In the long run, you may make a lot more money this way. If your invention is a big success, your rewards could vastly exceed the royalties you could expect from any licensing agreement. If you have decided to build a business to manufacture and distribute your own product, you will need the services of many experts including strategic marketing and distribution specialists.